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Florida Cup: Everton vs. Millonarios

Everton vs. Millonarios

Everton have just experienced a failed 2020/21 season in all respects.  The Toffee started quite smoothly under coach Ancelotti and even continued to be in the top.  But things quickly turned into disaster for the Merseyside representative when they played quite weakly in the second leg and then only got 10th place overall.

Everton vs. Millonarios

As a result, the Everton board decided to appoint coach Benitez to sit in the hot seat at Goodison Park this season.

In the first match in the new position, coach Benitez and his team will have a clash with Millonarios.  According to experts, this will be an extremely difficult 90 minutes for Everton players.

The above comment is grounded because Everton have no predestined relationship with friendly matches when they lost the last 3/4 matches.  On the opposite side, Millonarios is operating very smoothly with a record of winning the last 2 matches, winning the last 6/10 matches.