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NBA Finals 

The Phoenix Suns have experienced an extremely successful journey at the 2021 Playoffs. Although they were not appreciated, they in turn defeated the great teams in the West to win tickets to the NBA Finals series of finals. Including defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets – the team that owns the reigning MVP Nikola Jokic, or a strong candidate for the title of champion LA Clippers. Now, Chris Paul and his teammates have reached the final steps of the journey to the top this season. And this is also the last chance for the 36-year-old old man to find his own NBA championship title.

NBA Finals

Phoenix Suns currently owns a very even squad with a core of young stars like Devin Booker or Deandre Ayton. This talented team is led by experienced veteran Chris Paul. Besides, the extremely reasonable and subtle tactical direction of head coach Monty Williams is also an indispensable factor bringing success to the Phoenix Suns.

Two-time MVP star Giannis Antetokounmpo has finally made it to the NBA Finals after years of trying. Despite being repeatedly considered the top UCV for the championship title, this is only the first time the Milwaukee Bucks have won a spot in the NBA's final series.

Highly rated from the beginning of the season, however, the Milwaukee Bucks also had to go through a relatively difficult journey to win tickets to the final series. In particular, they defeated the heaviest UCV this season, Brooklyn Nets with the presence of the top 3 superstars. Not only that, in the Eastern Finals, the Milwaukee Bucks also had to work hard to defeat the Altanta Hawks. In addition, superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo was unable to play in the last 2 matches in the regional final series because of a knee injury. It is possible that he will still play in the first game of the NBA Finals. However, this star's performance is still a big question mark for fans.