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Rugby Sport

The Rugby World Cup was the last major international competition of a world-popular sport to emerge. And with a long “delay” in relation to not only other sports (football, basketball, etc) but also its own history.

Rugby Sport

Rugby, after all, was over 100 years old when the first dialogues about such a tournament began — and you can see here what happened in its history up to that point — and over 140 years old when it actually happened.

The explanation lies in the resistance of the International Rugby Board (IRB, now World Rugby ) in accepting professionalism in the sport.

According to the institution, the money would corrupt the values and essence of the sport (which, as the rugby rules show, is very ethically based). To be aware, players were only allowed to receive salaries (at least officially) in 1995.

In the (correct) reading of the IRB, an international competition would take a definitive step from the sport towards professionalism — which in fact happened, but we'll get there.