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Boxing: Kid Galahad vs Jazza Dickens

Kid Galahad vs Jazza Dickens

Kid Galahad - Sheffield, England - 27-1-0, 16 knockout victories - battles Jazza Dickens for the vacant IBF Featherweight Championship:

Kid Galahad vs Jazza Dickens

“It took a long time, I am incredibly concentrated and can hardly wait - on Saturday evening I will step into the ring to become IBF World Champion.  I'm just focused, I'm already right in the tunnel. "

“Jazza is an uphill battle for everyone, regardless of the level.  I can't remember much from the first fight.  I can't even remember what happened yesterday, let alone what happened ten years ago.  I just focus on what is in front of me.  I'm concentrating on Saturday night and I'm definitely doing a good job against Jazza Dickens. "

"Every fight changes life, for me every fight is about survival, Saturday night will be no different."

Jazza Dickens - Liverpool, England - 30-3-0, 11 knockout wins - battles Kid Galahad for the vacant IBF Featherweight Title:

“Thanks to my team and everyone around me, I had a great preparation.  I am grateful to be able to fight on this platform, DAZN and Matchroom, and to start some great fight nights.  I've had great fights up to this point and it's now a fight for a world title.  I ticked every box on my contract so I'm in a good position now. "

“Of course I had to take the opportunity, but not on Galahad's terms, it may be smooth, but I'm better.  I am a good fighter, I know what I can do, he can be as skillful as he wants.  He can't hurt me, he can be as smooth as he wants, so I win this fight.  I look forward to it."