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England - League Cup

England - League Cup 



Hope to be able to compete for a ticket to the next round of the Carabao Cup really becomes difficult for Huddersfield when their upcoming opponent is a representative playing in the Premier League, Everton.

England - League Cup

Although only facing Sheffield Wednesday was not too strong, but with Huddersfield they did not easily get their ticket to go on. Indeed, because Huddersfield had to rely on the penalty shootout to get his ticket to the next round.

Despite having a ticket to continue, but with Huddersfield luck was not on their side when the upcoming opponent, Everton, was highly rated today. Although this season Huddersfield is in good form when they only lost 1 out of 4 rounds in the first division and got 2 wins and 1 draw. However, their past record against Premier League representatives is very modest with only 1 draw and 4 defeats. Therefore, despite having the advantage of home field, with Huddersfield, the ability to create a surprise is very difficult.

As for Everton, the representative is playing in the highest league in England, so they start their journey in the second round of the Carabao Cup this season. This is also understandable when their ability is highly appreciated for the title competition at this playground.

In terms of performance, it can be seen that the Goodison Park team is playing very well when they have 2 unbeaten rounds in the Premier League in the past. Among them is the victory over Southampton on his first day. As a guest on the field of Huddersfield is coming, but with Everton they are still much more appreciated than the opponent. This is also within their ability because of the quality of the squad and strength, Everton is still a name worthy of trust.