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EPL: Crystal Palace vs Brentford

Crystal Palace vs Brentford

The clash between the Crystal Palace team and their rivals Brentford takes place within the framework of the Premier League championship at the Selhurst Park stadium. 

Crystal Palace vs Brentford

Date of the game: 21.08.2021 15:00 

The referee in this game will be Atkinson, Martin

History of past clashes between Team Crystal Palace and Team Brentford: 

Meeting between Team Brentford and Team Crystal Palace on 30.07.2010 ended with the score 1: 1. 

The meeting between Brentford and Crystal Palace on 21.07.2009 ended with the score of 2: 2.

Calendar of the next matches between the Crystal Palace team and the Brentford team: 

Brentford - Crystal Palace 12.02.2022

Summary of the teams:

Team: Crystal Palace 
Country: England 
Coach: Vieira, Patrick

Team: Brentford 
Country: England 
Coach: Frank, Thomas