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EPL: Wolves vs Tottenham

Wolves vs Tottenham 

The clash between Wolverhampton Wanderers and their rivals Tottenham Hotspur takes place as part of the Premier League competition at Molineux Stadium. 

Wolves vs Tottenham

Date of the match: 22.08.2021 14:00 
This match will be judged by referee Attwell, Stuart

Historical summary of the confrontations between the team Wolverhampton Wanderers and the team Tottenham Hotspur: 

The confrontation between the team Tottenham Hotspur and the team Wolverhampton Wanderers on 16.05.2021 ended with the score 2: 0. 

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Tottenham Hotspur reunion on 27.12.2020 ended with the score of 1: 1. 

The confrontation between Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers on 01.03.2020 ended with the score 2: 3. 

The matchup between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur on 15.12.2019 ended with the score 1: 2. 

Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers reunion on 29.12.2018 ended with the score of 1: 3.

Calendar of the next meetings between the Wolverhampton Wanderers team and the Tottenham Hotspur team: 
Tottenham Hotspur - Wolverhampton Wanderers 12.02.2022

Participant statistics:

Team: Wolverhampton Wanderers 
Country: England 
Coach: Lage, Bruno

Team: Tottenham Hotspur 
Country: England
Coach: Nuno