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UCL: Villarreal vs Atalanta

Villarreal vs Atalanta

Meeting between the Villarreal team and their rivals Atalanta takes place within the framework of the UEFA Champions League competition at Estadio de La Ceramica stadium. 

Villarreal vs Atalanta

Date of the match: 14.09.2021 20:00 
This match will be judged by referee Clement Turpin

Atalanta is hurting after losing to Fiorentina in the Italian league, so Villarreal's reception for Villarreal's Italian representative at El Madrigal this time will contain many pitfalls from the anger of coach Gian Gasperini's teachers and students. Moreover, the Golden Submarine is also performing very disappointingly in recent times.

Calendar of the next meetings between the Villarreal team and the Atalanta team: 
Atalanta - Villarreal 09.12.2021

Summary of the teams:
Team: Villarreal 
Country: Spain

Team: Atalanta 
Country: Italy