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WCQ: Portugal vs Ireland

Portugal vs Ireland

Meeting between the Portugal team and their rivals Ireland takes place within the framework of the World Cup Qualifications, UEFA competition at Estadio Algarve stadium.

Portugal vs Ireland

Date of the match: 01.09.2021 19:45 
This match will be judged by the referee Γιουγκ, Ματέι

History of past clashes between Team Portugal and Team Ireland: 

Confrontation between Team Portugal and Team Ireland on 15.11.1995 ended with the score 3: 0. 

The meeting between Ireland and Portugal on 26.04.1995 ended with the score of 1: 0.

Calendar of the next meetings between the Portugal team and the Ireland team: 
Ireland - Portugal 11.11.2021

Summary of the teams:
Team: Portugal 
Country: Portugal 
Coach: Fernando Santos

Team: Ireland 
Country: Ireland 
Coach: Kenny, Stephen