AC Milan with a new sponsor

Milan has announced the media that he has found common ground with a new sponsor.
The Rossoneri squad footballers will wear jerseys that will sew a new clothing company.
In fact, Milan is a step away from signing a contract with Puma, which from next season will produce all team sports equipment.
As Calciomercato announces, the contract with Adidas expires on July 1 next year and will not continue to co-operate with the German company.
It is also reported that this deal with Puman will bring about 10-15 million euros annually to Milan.
This amount is quite small compared to what some of their Adidas partners pay. For example, Manchester United from the German company receives about 85 million euros a year.
It was previously known that the "Rossoneri" are in the 14th place with regard to the annual budget among all football clubs in Europe.
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