Apple can destroy organs: So you never use it!

For this superstitious article there are many abnormalities, which you can not trust.

Any use should be cautious, because excessive use of this article may nevertheless harm the organism!
For starters, the proper use of apple vinegar should not be more than 5 tablespoons a day.

Can be used in salads, dish, vegetables, but also to drink in a glass of water. However, the excess amount of apple vinegar can irritate the stomach, destroy the toothpick, and damage the esophagus.

Despite all of these positive qualities, the vinegar is very strong even with the wrong use you can do yourself more harm than good, the Telegraph reports.

Tomato and apple sauce may irritate the stomach if you drink sober. To feel satiated, but not to have side effects of cramps and pain, it is better to eat protein rich juice.
In that ration you can use apple vinegar or drink it in the glass after the meals.

Just drinking apple vinegar is not a natural way of cleaning out toxins, because our organism already has its own system.
The liver, the kidneys and the intestines help the body absorb nutrients, while those that are not useful are driven out through urine and excretion. Just drinking apple vinegar is not a good way.

Probiotics can help you improve your bowel health and have regular metabolism. This is due to the fermentation of vinegar, which contains good bacteria.

The discovery about this positive quality is that it can be found in every apple of apple bought, - this is not true.

Only the pasteurized apple juice contains enzymes, proteins and probiotics, because with pasteurization they are eliminated.

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