Depay goes to Real Madrid

Memphis Depay has revealed that he wants to play for Real Madrid in the future.

The Dutchman who was transferred to Manchester United in 2015 failed to show his qualities in the Premier League and was considered a failure, leaving only two seasons ahead of Lyon, reports KosovaPress.

His career at the French team has started better than in the Premier League, but he has announced he does not plan to stay in Ligue 1 as his goal is to transfer to the Real Madrid team.

"I think I will be transferring to Real Madrid. I know it is a great goal, but what I have achieved so far is the wish of God, and I believe it will achieve this goal as well, "said Depay.

The 23-year-old had scored only seven goals in 53 appearances during the two seasons for the 'Red Devils', while in Lyon he scored eight goals and contributed with 11 assists in 28 games played. 

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