Federer withdraws from the ATP Tour Finals, Nadal closes the year as leader

Rafael Nadal is confident that he will close 2017 as the No. 1 World Cup rankings for men, although the ATP Tour Finals tournament is still to be held in London.
Officials actually came from Roger Federer, who stated he would not take part in the Paris Masters Tournament that takes place this week.

Federer, who triumphed in Basel this weekend, bringing the number of career trophies to 95, is in second place, with 1,440 points less than the Spanish tennis player.

"I thought ATP rankings, but I had to rule out the Paris tour plan," explains Federer.

"If I were closer to the point Nadal would have participated, but I'm a bit far away from him. I do not want to suffer any damage, and I do not want to get tired. If I played in the Paris tournament, I probably would miss the one in London, "said the veteran Swiss tennis player.

For Nadal, this is the 11th consecutive week that is at the top of the ATP classification. It will be the fourth time that closes the year as world number one after 2008, 2010 and 2013.

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