Icardi: Happy for himself and Inter, above all is the victory

Mauro Icardi after the match against Milan has said he can not describe the emotions of victory.

Inter won 3-2 and all goals were scored by Mauro Icardi and now the eyes are from Naples.

"Taking the ball at home is a special feeling, I can not describe it," said the striker for Mediaset Premium.

"I talked to some of the teammates and said I would mark them today. I allow critics to talk and then do what needs to be done on the field. Help the team and score goals. You can not always score, but I'm happy for myself and Inter, above all it's the win. "

With Juventus defeat this week, Inter climbs to the second two-point position with Napoli, with whom they will play next week.

"It's too early to talk about Scudetto. We have been doing the right thing since the pre-season and now we have to think about the future match against a great opponent like Napoli. "

"It's a special match for me, as they are the leader and play the best football in Europe," added Icardi.

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