iOS 11 with multiple problems

iOS 11 is packed with features (including very secretive) but after some error reports, the Upgrade Guide advised iPhone users in particular that they should not keep upgrading. It now seems a wise move because iOS 11 is causing a problem.

A new report from the Wandera mobile security firm exposes the issue: iOS 11 a battery killer.
Through common battery life complaints, iPhone and iPad users often post online after iOS update, while Wandera has revealed concrete evidence of serious degradation. This was done by monitoring a "sub-category of 50,000 moderate and heavy users of the iPhone and iPad" in its networks running on iOS 11 and iOS 10.

The result: The battery life of the iOS 11 update is going twice as fast as the ones that have iOS 10.
By breaking down this, Wandera reports that the iOS 10 iphone can be used for 240 minutes on average before the battery dies. Meanwhile, the iPhone that works with iOS 11 lasts only 96 minutes on average - a massive drop of 60%.

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