Official: Figo becomes a leading player in UEFA

Former Barcelona midfielder and Inter, Portuguese Luis Figo has been named UEFA football advisor.
Figo was one of the main candidates to take the lead of the world's biggest football home, FIFA, where in 2015 was Sepp Blatter's counter-candidate, but was defeated in the race.
However, European football needs such an icon and has now become a country as an advisor to UEFA.
It is UEFA itself that has made this news public with the new task of Portuguese Figo, who in the past was the best player in the world.
"Luis Figo is bringing his wealth of know-how and expertise to UEFA as he joins the organization as a football advisor," says the start of the UEFA statement.
Welcome @LuisFigo, and all the best in your new role as UEFA football advisor! 
- UEFA (@UEFA) October 11, 2017
"The former UEFA Champions League winner will work with President Alexander Ceferin and the Football Division on a number of issues including the technical aspects of the game, the laws of the game, and the overall attractiveness of the sport."
"He will also be the main figure of the UEFA ambassadors program," concludes UEFA's announcement statement.
Otherwise, in the past Figo has also played for Sporting Lisbon and Real Madrid, except for Inter and Barcelona.
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