That is why you should not throw away the garlic peel

Most of us do not know that garbage can still be beneficial.

Garlic peel is rich in phenylpropanoids, which are full of antioxidants. They are therefore excellent for immunity and have anticancer properties.

Most experts agree that shellfish has more useful materials than garlic itself.

It is rich in specific flavonols, which reduce blood pressure and prevent arterial collapse.

Contain full fiber. All of these ingredients are excellent for heart health, digestive and lower cholesterol problems, the Telegraph reports.

When using garlic powder, make sure that it is organic, otherwise you will include pesticides in your food.

The garbage can also be used for soup. Simply go to all the ingredients for soup and boil. Remove during drainage.

Garlic can also be used for tea, so that garlic peach can be thrown into warm water. Wait for a few minutes to stand. 

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