The reason why the dead are buried 2 meters below and ...

The reason why the dead are buried 2 meters below and ...

The phrase "two meters below and" is always synonymous with death, but have you ever wondered  why a person's grave should be excavated at a depth of two meters?

Apparently it all started in England in 1655, when the bubonic plague hit this place. When the bubonic plague appeared, the mayor of London had issued a law on how to handle the bodies to prevent the spread of the infection. At that time it was specified that graves should be "at least two meters deep" open.

But in the end, it turned out that there was no need for any standard depth measurements of the tomb. The law for excavating the tomb at a depth of two meters turned out to be useless since the dead continued to spread the infection as they were covered by the fleas that carried the disease to the living. 

In America, this law varies depending on the state. In some countries, the coffins were cast in a thickness of 18 inches. But even shallow graves are considered acceptable. In some states, the depth of the tomb is up to four feet in order to have more room for the other dead to be entrapped in the same hang where the relatives or loved ones are usually buried.

But the question is, to what depth should a dead person be buried? There is no universal measurement. Even in the UK, the depth of the tomb depends on the relatives of the dead, but usually digs to enough depth that the animals can not dig up and extract the remains of the coffin.

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