Scientists say there were nuclear weapons in Mars

Scientists have found that in March, the amount and type of xenon are similar to those on Earth, in countries where there have been nuclear explosions, especially in the case of hydrogen bomb explosions, where comes up to a high level of fast neutron fission.

 It has been seen that the xenon in Mars is composed of approximately 70% of nuclear xenon and 30% of natural xenon, like the one on Earth.

So, Mars has a very high percentage of xenon 129 in its rare atmosphere. It is known that the xenon 129 isotope is produced by nuclear reactions.

If this is not enough, scientists have seen that the surface of Mars is covered in large quantities by uranium and thorium.

This has led scientists like Dr. John Brandenburg, conclude that, on the surface of Mars, in a remote past, there have been two major nuclear explosions.

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