Ancelotti: I want to lead a club

Ancelotti: I want to lead a club

Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that he will not take the direction of Italy while looking for a club.

Former Milan and Real Madrid coach, has been in charge of taking over at the helm of Italy's national team after leaving Giampiero Venturas.

"My answer is: FIGC, with the help of CONI, must create a new structure".

"After that I will make a decision. I stand with my idea, my goal is to lead a club. "

"Which club? I do not know yet, big names are busy, we have to wait a few more months. Now the Champions League is back, and the rule in this race has not changed, only one team can win, "Ancelotti said.

Ancelotti in the past has said he wants to lead a club back to the Premier League.

He has been away this season from Bayern Munich after the weak results.

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