Yeovil Town vs Manchester United, Predict, Analyze & Live Stream

Yeovil Town vs Manchester United, Predict, Analyze & Live Stream

Key: Manchester United have not lost four recent matches.

Expert Opinion: The lucky visit brought Yeovil Town to M.U. This is one of the remaining three representatives of League Two competing in the fourth round of the FA Cup. Among them, Yeovil was the lowest rated player at 21st on the standings and faced the risk of having to play at the amateur side from next season.

Yeovil Town's weakness was further enhanced by second-string goals in League Two (50 goals) and the team that had the smallest shots in the league (246). The last nine encounters with the highest ranked teams, Yeovil Town lost and seven games not scored the goal.

With the huge difference in stature, class and experience, it is not difficult to imagine the overwhelming scenarios of M.U. Even when coach Mourinho brought many substitute players, the Reds are still too strong against Yeovil Town. Well, this is also a game that the visitors want to win at the same time to achieve many purposes.

First of all, NHM M.U is very eager to witness the debut of the rookie who spent a lot of ink in the past: Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean striker has signed a contract with Old Trafford and is eager to play with his new teammates. Of course, it must be a convincing performance to show he deserves the club's record salary.

Second, the match against Yeovil Town will mark the 100th mark of Jose Mourinho's lead. In 99 matches, he helped M.U win 61 matches and lost just 15 games, bringing in three trophies. Coincidentally, next Friday is also his 55th birthday special. A convincing victory is the most meaningful gift that pupils give to their teachers.

And finally, it was the honor and ambition of a big team. M.U has just been turned into the former champion in the League Cup when lost 1-2 in the Bristol City suburbs. Sure, coach Mourinho does not want this to happen again in the FA Cup, the only arena they hope to find a title in the domestic league.

The recent match of Yeovil Town has three goals. The last 5 games of Manchester United.


Yeovil Town: Mohamed Khan sits out with a suspended sentence.

M.U: Carrick, Blind, Bailly, Ibrahimovic injury.

Live Streaming on FOX Sports 1 & LSH Live 22 

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