Youtube, shut down paid channels

Youtube, shut down paid channels

Youtube, shut down paid channels

YouTube announced the closure of paid channels, which were presented with no fewer fuss in 2013 as part of the larger video distribution network efforts to profitably benefit from this service.

These were channels that were opened by third parties on YouTube and that through a monthly payment provided individual access to special programs and videos that were not offered for free.

This service never gained enough popularity and Google admitted it. "The objective was never achieved, neither by the interested parties to have such a channel nor the users," Google said.

For this, the American technology giant announced that it will shut down this service in December. All channels that have video in the paid platform section will be required to delete them or make it available for free.

This change does not include YouTube's Red, the Google's own platform section, where exclusive and unproductive programs are offered to users versus a monthly fee, and currently only available in the United States.

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