Ramos: Isco is talented, Zidane praises him

Ramos: Isco is talented, Zidane praises him
Ramos and Isco

Captain and Defender Sergio Ramos has spoken of Iscon after media statements that he is on sale by Real Madrid

The Los Blancos captain has said he is sure that this whole debate is wrong and that Isco and Zidane have good reports.

"I'm not sure if there is any mistake here, I have not heard. But Isco is an amazing player, and Zidane praises him. He continues to trust in him. For me, he is a very important player, both in Madrid and the Spanish national team, "Ramos said.

Isco excelled in Spain's friendly against Argentina last night marking the trick.

Spanish media have pointed to Zidane who is not using the talent of the player. Even the player himself has admitted that he does not understand why he does not engage regularly for Los Blancos

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