MYSTERY: He killed the neighbor dog, dumped and invited the owner for dinner!

A 62-year-old man from South Korea killed his neighbor's dog because he was constantly bothered by his bark so he dumped it and invited the owner to his family for dinner.

Without this, the police said his handmade immediately admitted the killing of the dog, reiterating that he was very worried, writes

He said the dog first shot him with a stone shooting at the head.

Only when the dog lost consciousness he came close to suffocating it, and later gored it - said the detective from Pyeongtaek.
After that, he invited his neighbor and his family to dinner.

Dog meat is part of a national kitchen in South Korea for many years, but Koreans have recently decided to keep dogs as pets instead of eating them.

More recently, the law is tight so those who abuse animals face a $ 20 million fine. 

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