MYSTERY: Scientist Carl Sagan has a disturbing predicament for today's world

Scientist Carl Sagan has a disturbing predicament for today's world

Astronomer Carl Sagan was a great communicator of science, widely known for the original "Cosmos" television series.

He was also a prolific writer, and in 1995 he wrote the book "The World Invaded by Devils: Science as a Wax in Darkness", which touches on various topics, ranging from the deception of alien abductions to spirituality.

Below is a flashback warning that somehow reminds us of the world we live in today.

"Science is more than a body of knowledge; is a way of thinking.

I have a bad prediction about America at the time of my great-grandchildren - when the US is a service and information economy; when all the major industries of production have gone to other countries; when extraordinary technological powers are in the hands of few people, and those who represent the public interest will not even be able to handle the problems; when the people have lost their ability to put their agenda or knowingly questioning those who have power; when shaking our cripples and nervous consultation with the horoscope, with our most important falling skills, unable to distinguish between what is good and what is true, we will skip, almost unnoticed, again in superstition and darkness ".

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