A mobile pistol that costs only $ 500

Called Cellphone Pistol and is a new weapon that can be held in the pocket. The mobile phone gun is sponsored by the United Nations Armed Forces Organization (NRA). 

A mobile pistol that costs only $ 500

What it introduced a few years ago, but was not formally launched in the market. Now, amidst the debate over the gunfire that is booming in the United States after repeated episodes of violence in schools, at the annual meeting of the association, starting on May 4th and holding a speech, President Donald Trump will be made public the model of the gun, which will soon fill American stores at a cost of $ 500.

"Self-defense is the first natural right," is one of the slogans used for it.

"Cellphone Pistol can be used by everyone, starting from mammoths to professionals," say the creators of the special weapon, adding that "In their hands this object weighs very little, will not be with the victim ".

But social networks were drowned by protests: These types of weapons, according to activists, can be turned into teenagers 'and teenagers' favorites, which they can easily carry in school bags.

But the NRA response has been too dry for critics: The second amendment allows them all to arm themselves.

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