Report Official: Buffon leaves Juventus after 17 years

Gianluigi Buffon has formalized his departure from Juventus after the end of this season and feels happy each day with the Italian team shirt. 

The Italian goalkeeper moved from Parma to Juventus in 2001 and since then has a total of 875 official games.

Buffon during these 17 years with the bardhezinjve shirt has won nine times the title of Serie A, once that of Serie B, four times the Italian Cup and five times the Super Cup of Italy.
"It's a very exciting day for me and I'm here after an extraordinary, wonderful trip, shared with people who have been very careful about me. For this, I have always tried to do my best, "Buffon said.

"Saturday will be my last match for Juventus and ending this trip with two trophies and the Bianconeri president and all over the world on my part, it will be very special."

"I'm proud to have played so far to the fullest of my ability, with performances that fit both me and this club. I make this decision in a calm and happy state, which should not be taken as a welcome for a sportsman. "

"If I feel as strong as I am at age 40, it's all thanks to Juventus and the mentality here."

"My philosophy is built around that of the club and will continue to live my life that way, as this is the only way I know to achieve results," the Italian goalkeeper concluded. 

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