[Video] Warriors eliminate Rockets, in the grand finale meet with Cavaliers

Last night, the last match of the West End's playoff series was held.

Like last season this season, Golden State Warriors have secured a ticket for the big NBA Finals.

The current champions managed to eliminate the Houston Texans' Texans after the fourth victory against the three 101-92 defeats.

In fact, Houston basketball players were in the lead after the end of the first half but the "fighters" did not allow a surprise to happen and in the last two periods overturned everything to reach the final with Cleveland Cavaliers.

James Harden, Kevon Looney and Klay Thompson (Getty Images)
Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry were in top form in the last game scoring 61 points together. The first was more efficient after achieving 37 points while the second added 27.

The most distinguished rockets in the parquet were the usual James Harden with 32 points while Eric Gordon added 23 but were not enough for the fourth triumph.

We point out that the Warriors in the big finals will meet with Cleveland Cavaliers, which eliminated the Boston Celtics team after four wins and three losses.

We remind that the first big match match between these two teams will take place on Thursday (May 31st)

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