“No one has yet found the formula to stop Messi”

"No one has yet found the formula to stop Messi"

It is impossible to stop Lionel Messi and the formula for achieving such a thing has not yet been revealed by anyone, according to Ivan Rakitic.

Admitting that this could be his last World Cup after 11 years in Croatia's national team, Ivan Rakitic is nevertheless optimistic that he and his teammates can do something special in Russia, achieving something that nobody in the first place 'has managed to find the formula to stop Lionel Messi..

In a long interview a few days before the Russia World Cup, Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic has talked about this great event, Croatia and his fellow teammate Leo Messin.
Asked if he talked with Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic about how to stop Lionel Messi, Rakitic said that neither he nor Dalic could do that. 
In football no one has found the formula for how to stop Messi. No Dalic, neither me nor nobody else. What we have to do is enjoy watching it, said Rakitic. 
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