Red larynx for treating thyroid glands

Red larynx for treating thyroid glands
Russian doctor from St. Petersburg, Igor Knjazkin, has discovered the perfect thyroid gland remedy, which needs only one ingredient for this stunning technique, it is the red sting.

Health benefits of onions are known to everyone, they kill bacteria and germs, cleans the skin and contain phosphoric acid which is very profitable.

According to Dr. Kanjazkin, red onions are also good for treating thyroid gland problems.

Here are tips for the most efficient use of red onion in the treatment of thyroid glands.

Before going to bed, divide a red onion into two parts and use these two halves to massage the circular neck, especially in the area where the thyroid glands are located.

You should allow the jaw to perform its effects at night, so do not clean your neck before sleeping, because the onion fluid stimulates the thyroid glands and promotes their well functioning.

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