Warning Signs for Dangerous Problems

The liver is the central organ of the metabolism and the biggest gut of our body that is related to the digestive system.

 The liver has several functions:

-metabolizes all nutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts, etc.)

- Includes iron and copper deposits

-projects substances to absorb vitamin K

-hummon in the absorption of vitamin A from beta-carotene

- Produces enzymes to digest food

- works as a detoxifying agent to remove toxic substances that are taken from food or are produced in the digestive tract.

These and many other functions that are vital to life, but when the liver is infected with parasites and toxins it displays the following four signs:

1. Change of urine and pits color

Changes in color and urine are not always related to urinary tract infections, they may also indicate problems with liver dysfunction. The urine of a healthy man is pale yellow, and if you suffer from jaundice it has a dark color.

2. Stomach pain

Although stomach inflammation may occur for health reasons, it can rarely be caused by liver function disorders.

3. Skin problems

The parasites and the many toxins that accumulate in the liver affect the skin condition. If your skin is irritated all the time, dry and you have constant acne should consider the health of the liver.

4. Stomach acid and gastric reflux

These two symptoms usually indicate digestive problems. However, in some cases it is necessary to analyze their true origin, as they may indicate the presence of toxins in the liver.

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