France defeats Croatia, is declared world champion for the second time in history

[Video]: France defeats Croatia, is declared world champion for the second time in history
France has won the World Cup for the second time after defeating Croatia in Russia's 2018 World Cup finals on Sunday in Moscow.


After World Cup in 1998 at home, France also won the 2018 World Cup, defeating Croatia 4-2, which made history by reaching the World Cup finals for the first time.

The French, coming from a disappointing final in EURO 2016 when defeated by Portugal, scored the first in the match, despite a domination of Croatia when Mario Mandzukic scored at its gate after a bend by Antoine Griezmann..

But Croatia's dominance in this part of the game was rewarded by a fantastic personal action by Inter's winger Ivan Perisic, who scored half-volley for 1-1 after about half an hour of play.

Five minutes before the end, France won the controversial penalty, which was awarded only after the referee judged the VAR (video assistant referee), which Antoine Griezmann converted to goal. 

So the first part was closed, in which Croatia probably deserved more. 

However, France entered the second half with another face and was vicious in every case by not giving up.

Paul Pogba scored from distance, leaving the Croatian goalkeeper astonished when the scorpions showed an hour of play. To pluck the feet of Croatians, Kylian Mbappe scored a super goal from the distance just five minutes later. 

A hopeful Hugo Loris gave Hugo Loris a blunder when he tried to pass the striker Mandzukic, who stole the ball and scored at the empty goal just when only 20 minutes left.

Croatia struggled to the end, but France proved to be extremely stable by not accepting more goals.

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