Earthquakes vs Manchester United

Final Result 

San Jose Earthquakes (0-0) Manchester United
Sunday (22 July) 23:00 (GMT +2)
International Tournaments

Three years ago, during the North American tour, United beat San Jose 3-1 with goals from Depay, Mata and Pereira. The first one was no longer in the Reds. But the other two still serve United and more likely to ... continue to play in front of San Jose tonight.

The match took place at Levi's Stadium, not San Jose's home ground and of course, the amount of fans coming to cheer for them may not be as crowded as those who admire the Manchester United star. The rivals also brought two "gunmen" who shot down San Jose three years ago, in which Mata is in high form when he just scored to help the Reds to hold Club America 1-1 in the previous match . 

It will be difficult for the San Jose defenders to stop the Manchester United star. So, people look forward to more in the Reds side. With the 4-3-3 scheme, it is likely that the English team will be setting up the Martial - Mitchell - Mata trio on the front line, as against Club America. Hope will corner Mata but this is also a chance of atonement for Anthony Martial and Demetri Mitchell, who have disappointed in the previous battle. 
  Martial announced his intention to leave United last season 2017/18 but Mourinho is giving him the opportunity to find a place. And Mitchell is the expectation of the Portuguese on the left. The 21-year-old winger, who played at Crystal Palace in the Premier League last season, did not play well. Tonight, he needs to do more than he has shown before the Crystal Palace as well as Club America if he wants to have the opportunity to get in the first team.

Meanwhile, Herrera will shoulder the task of leading the line between United in the context of the star midfielder as Pogba, Lingard has not finished the holiday after the World Cup. Club America, the Spanish midfielder has a tectonic phase to Mata to finish beautifully but unfortunately Mexico goalkeeper Jiminez prevented. Tonight, against a rival who has not won seven consecutive games, Mata and his teammates will not miss the opportunity to show strength.

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