Perth Glory vs Chelsea

Final Result 
Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea
Monday (23 July) 12:30 (GMT +1)
International Friendly Matches 

In a fair comparison, the Australian side Perth Glory FC will be hard pressed to stand on the heels of Chelsea's NHA in all aspects from level to quality squad. So it will not surprise if Perth Glory FC must get a blank result in the friendly match this afternoon. But for many fans, this will be a loss to the Perth Glory FC who is still a difficult question to answer.

Recall, Perth Glory FC is a home team and is in good form with two consecutive friendly matches. More broadly, they also lost only two of the past 9 games. If Perth Glory FC had the best preparation for the game, Chelsea were in the opposite situation. As it is known, this is the first match of the London team played after a period of nearly two months of summer and it is difficult for the players to get the best physical fitness and style. Still, the Blues will have some difficulty adjusting when they are led by new coach Sarri, who recently accepted the London team a few days ago. Besides, the England team did not have the best squad with many key players absent due to the World Cup.   

Perth Glory FC have not conceded three recent quarters. Chelsea's past six games have gone down.


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