Alarm from toxic algae in the Adriatic and Ionian

Alarm from toxic algae in the Adriatic and Ionian

Alarm for toxic algae in the Mediterranean. The climate is more and more similar to the tropical climate. According to the Institute of Toxicology in Italy, the Ostreopsis Ovata algae is spreading recently in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea near the coasts, especially rocky ones, and is dangerous as it releases harmful toxins to humans.


According to experts, exposure to them can cause temperature up to 38 degrees, cough, severe breathing problem, dermatitis and mixed. In anticipation of the tourist season, doctors appeal that if we detect the masses of dark red in the sea, stay away from them at least 100 m. In addition to bacteria resistant to antibiotics, bacteria that are fed with these medications are also discovered. Thus, four types of bacteria are fed mainly with penicillin. The University of St Louis has made the discovery, which is published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology. According to the researchers, these bacteria work sluggishly but quite efficiently, and this can be used as a weapon to cleanse the waters and areas naturally contaminated with antibiotics.

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