Everton v Rotherham United LIVE

Everton v Rotherham United 
England. League Cup
Wed August 29, 2018
Kickoff at 19:45 

Everton have not started the new season really well when they only won 1 and drew 2 draws after three rounds to open the Premiership. In fact, this is a disappointing result when the Portsmouth team is in deep squad with quality summer contracts. Back in the second round of the League Cup, Everton will have the chance to show off their strength and thereby have a win to boost their spirits.

Be aware, this is the match they will play at home and the opponent is just the name from the first-class England Rotherham United. In terms of reputation and class, Rotherham United are hardly comparable to Everton at the moment. In addition, Rotherham United also own style swinging in the current time when losing 2/3 past. In particular, they have lost all three recent away matches in all fronts attend.  

The last 6 games of Everton Dynamite. Rotherham United conceded seven goals in the last two away games. 

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