Rangers vs Ufa

Rangers 1-0 Ufa
Thursday (23 August) 20:45 (GMT +2)
Europa League Qualifying

Glasgow Rangers are on the edge of excitement and their home advantage, not surprisingly if the Scottish side win the Europa League. Need to know, before the game tonight, Glasgow Rangers are unbeaten impressive form since the beginning of the season. In the Europa League, they won 3 wins and 3 draws in 6 games.

Across the yard, Bashinformsvyaz-Dynamo Ufa show the face completely opposite the decline. Need to know, the Russian team has consecutive 3 matches do not know the winner in all fronts (1 draw and 2 losses). In particular, according to TLCA, Bashinformsvyaz-Dynamo Ufa has lost the last four games. Based on the current status, Bashinformsvyaz-Dynamo Ufa is not a name that can be trusted.
Ufa has lost in all four recent matches in every arena. Contrary to that, Rangers won the last three quarters in both the professional and Asian ratio. In addition to the yard advantage, teachers Gerrard also had a great excitement after just passing Kilmarnock in the Scottish League. Because of the visitors in Russia on the turn so sure Rangers will unleash their strength to win the best results in the first leg. They can trust a good result thanks to the impressive form of Ibrox 

The last four games of Glasgow Rangers have gone down. Bashinformsvyaz-Dynamo Ufa has not scored in two of the last 3 games.   

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