Los Angeles Lakers Vs Dallas Mavericks

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And much the ambitions of the Lakers' team, joining other good co-stars and promising a very competitive team by the west conference, 
however, this competitiveness has not been seen until now and what has even been perceived is the immense lack of competence of its defensive system, 
giving away points very easily to his opponents and even having a good offensive average, still makes a terrible campaign at the beginning.
From the side of the visitors, the team makes a campaign similar to the owners of the house, with the same two victories and five defeats until this moment,
however, the team had been suffering a lot with the high number of players absent in the first rounds, which has diminished a lot and today, 
should only have Devin Harris and Dirk Nowitzki out of the fight, but both are reserves and so I do not believe they have such a big influence on the Dallas system tonight.

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