Paris Saint Germain vs Napoli Stream

Paris Saint Germain and Napoli are in the third round of the group stage with the determination to win, because only then will they have the advantage of one of the two tickets to go forward. After two rounds, PSG temporarily placed in second place in Group C with 1 win and 1 loss. Napoli are at the top of the table but only 1 point behind France. Back in the direct game of the match tonight, PSG is the team to get the psychological excitement with home advantage and impressive style. 

 In particular, teacher coach Tuchel is circulating six games won all arena. In it, Cavani and his teammates scored on average more than 4 goals per game and conceded only three times. PSG has won seven games since the beginning of the season with at least two goals. Across the pitch, Napoli are also in good form. They have won the last 3 games. However, in terms of poor team quality and more disadvantage of the stadium, the team of Naples does not create a sense of security. One point to keep in mind, Napoli have just lost 3 out of 5 away matches in Asia.

On the trading floor, the PSG highly rated PSG with a 1: 1 ratio. Rather, Ligue 1's defending ratio was pushed from 0: 1 to 0: 1. The change in rates shows that Napoli is being turned away by Asian investors.  Although under Napoli attacking Ancelotti, they have a very unstable defense. So, in front of a strong team, playing at home is like PSG, it is difficult to represent Italy can avoid failure.

The confrontation recently exploded. PSG's recent 17 matches have had similar results. Napoli's last six games have been played at least three times.

PSG 2-2 Napoli 

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