That is why Khabib's wife never appears in public

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After triumphing to Conor McGregor at the UFC Cage, Khabib Nurmagomedov gained the attention of the whole world.

His training videos are published endlessly, even when he meets the bear, even though at a young age. Meanwhile, details of his personal life are rarely revealed.

Khabib, who is from Dagestan, married 5 years ago, and has already two children.

But what has become more apparent to the pursuers of this sport and the worshipers of Khabib is his wife, whose name is never a public one. Even on a video posted by his wedding in 2013, the bride in the altar is covered up.

All this happens to the fact that Khabib is a Muslim, and is also a regular practitioner of the customs of the country where he was born and lives.

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