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 6 October 2018

Arena, Las Vegas, lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov will defend his title against former King Conor McGregor at the UFC 229 event .

On the eve of the game, McGregor regularly attacks his social network. Therefore, the two contestants are particularly interested in the fans.

McGregor attacked Khabib on a test day the day before the battle 

Khabib Nurmagomedov was the one who weighed. Russian boxer came up with a pale, pale appearance when he had to cut down on his body weight to get his weight to 155 pounds. Immediately after leaving the scale, Khabib had to immediately sit down to replenish enough water to see how the defending champion had to be in a normal weight.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor showed much more confidence and temperament than his rivals. Not only easy to reach the weight of 154.5 pounds (70 kg), Irish boxers have scared the opponent with a roar very loudly after the referee announced his weight.  

In particular, McGregor stepped up to the podium and announced, "The king is back." Khabib is no less rugged than his opponents to claim: "I will smash this boy."

McGergor did not keep his cool. "UFC crazy guy" suddenly kicked the opponent after deliberately collided with a swipe in the confrontation.  

In return, Khabib constantly takes action to challenge the enemy towards him. UFC president Dana White and security forces had to sweat to separate the two hot heads.

The UFC 229 Super Bowl will take place on Sunday morning at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, 

McGregor and Khabib's superhuman battles were not as bad as those of Mayweather and McGregor last year. In addition, as the Irishman revealed, he could pocket up to $ 65 million after the battle of the UFC 229. Ho wever, what McGregor most wanted is that Khabib received the first defeat in the .

Since the game was announced, the Russian boxer Khabib has always been highly regarded. The light heavyweight champion is holding a 26-match unbeaten run and regularly offers impressive knock-outs. Meanwhile, McGergor left the octopus almost two years after the win over Eddie Alvarez in 11/2016.

UFC war: McGregor death leaks still take the "hell" threaten Khabib

McGregor repeatedly provoked a heated battle with Khabib.


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