Coldiretti, bad weather kills 14 million trees

The wave of bad weather has caused "the massacre of about 14 million trees compromising the ecological and environmental balance of vast mountain areas and endangering the hydrogeological stability". This is what Coldiretti estimates together with Federforeste in emphasizing that to be killed were mainly beeches and white and red firs in the woods from Trentino to Alto Adige, from Veneto to Friuli, where it will take at least a century to return to normal.

In the woods there is a great variety of plants and a population of mammals, birds and reptiles that has been devastated for the disaster, while - underlines Coldiretti - the lack of vegetation cover leaves the open field to landslides and landslides in case of heavy rains . In a situation in which "Italy imports about 80% of the wood it consumes, the environmental damage is added - continues Coldiretti - the economic one with important repercussions on the entire wood supply chain and the loss of jobs, in often difficult areas, not to 

mention - continues Coldiretti - the landscape effects and tourism with the activities related to the harvesting of the fruits of the forest, such as the rapidly expanding mushrooms ".

Coldiretti notes that in Italy "we are facing the unstoppable advance of the forest that without any control has taken possession of uncultivated land and now dominates more than 1/3 of the national surface with a density that makes it completely impenetrable to the necessary interventions maintenance, defense and surveillance The area covered by forests, which today affects 10.9 million hectares, has practically doubled compared to the Unification of Italy, but, due to the closure of the farms, are now found without the presence of a In order to defend the Italian forest - concludes Coldiretti - it is necessary to create the conditions for combating the removal from the countryside and enhancing the functions of surveillance, maintenance and land management carried out by agricultural entrepreneurs and forestry consortia ".

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