Electronic cigarettes block the lung purifier and cause chronic illness

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Electronic cigarette users may be putting themselves at risk of lung disease, as a new study shows how these cigarettes block the ability of the immune system to cleanse the lungs and stop the creation of chemicals harmful.

A Birmingham University study has found that nicotine sucked in by electronic cigarettes becomes much more powerful in cell killing.

The authors still point to the fact that electronic cigarettes have lower risk of lung cancer than ordinary tobacco products, but say they are not as secure as the manufacturers of these cigarettes claim and little is known about the long-term effects.

"I do not believe electronic cigarettes are more harmful than ordinary cigarettes, but we have to be careful and not believe they are as safe as it is claimed for them," one of the authors said.

For this research, which was conducted in human-cell lab tests and published in the Thorax magazine , the team has discovered that some of the damage caused by electronic cigarettes is equivalent to the damage caused by ordinary smoking.

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