Szczesny: I knew exactly where to hit the Higuain penalty, though

Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny knew exactly where to hit the penalty for Gonzalo Higuain, so he was also successful in welcoming Juventus 2-0 victory over Milan on Sunday at San Siro.

The Polish goalkeeper received the penalty of his former fellow being fired down on the right side.

"I know him [Higuain] because he was one of the executives of the penalties last season," Szczesny told JTV.

"Last year, as the second goalkeeper, I always trained with him in the penalty and of course we even studied them," he added.

"I decided to move first to his penalty, he usually strikes them so and I hoped he would not change this time, which I did not do. I am very happy to wait for him, "he added. 

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