The healthiest people in the world do not go to the gym

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If you want to be as healthy as possible, then there is no need for a treadmill or weight lifting machine. That's not just a word - just look at people with the greatest life expectancy in the world.

People living in countries around the world where they have the greatest life expectancy do not make weightlifting, do not join the gym or run marathons.

Instead, they live in environments that constantly encourage them to move without thinking at all. This means that they deal with the garden, walk through the day, etc.

In fact, researchers say that natural routine movement is one of the most important ways to increase life expectancy - and is the common habit of people living long.

Natural movement throughout the day may seem enjoyable and romantic, but the reality is that 100 years ago only 10% of us had been looking for sitting down, and today 90% of people have such jobs.

However, there are still some easy ways to move more regardless of the busy day you have.

One of the best ways is to use another form of transport. This means walking with children at school, walking when you go to the store or when you go out.

You can even travel by bike to work.

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