Tweets on Twitter are getting shorter

Tweets on Twitter are getting shorter

One year after the message format has doubled, Twitter is finding that the messages have been made, paradoxically, even shorter and the users of this network even more polite, the social network announced today.

In English they write on average 33 characters or less than before doubling the maximum length.

Only about one percent of messages reach 280 characters, while 12% exceed 140 characters.

Twitter has also found that with 280 characters, users say more + please + (+ 54%) and + thank you + ("thank you") (+ 22%) "and use much less cuts.

"These trends are noticeable in all languages ​​after informing about doubling the length of messages last year," the social network said.

In November 2017, Twitter undertook a minirevolucion out of the 140-character limit in Latin-speaking languages, a threshold that prevented users in these languages, unlike Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, a more compact language.

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