Juventus vs Man United Streams

Remembering after 0-1 defeat to Juventus in the first leg at Old Trafford, coach Mourrinho has received many criticism from the Red Devils fans when publicly praised his opponents: "We determine from the moment. The result is a 2-1 win against Valencia, because Juventus are simply too strong, they are the top team in the world, they are the No. 1 candidate for the Champions League this season. "

But angered, the supporters of the Manchester side should not forget the fact that compared to Champions League candidates this year they are completely inferior. Coach Mourrinho has been right based on the fact that they are facing. The title of Old Trafford does not help them to win, during this trip, it is difficult for teacher Mourrinho to come out with joy of victory.

Juventus are showing themselves to be worthy of the championship title. Max Allegri almost surpassed the group stage with 9 points absolute after 3 turns, 6 goals and not conceded yet. In terms of table H, Juventus are making a complete difference compared to the other three teams.

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