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Paris Saint Germain 2-1 Liverpool 

This season's Champions League Group C is still a thrilling 3-way race between Liverpool, Napoli and PSG. Liverpool have 6 points, equal to Napoli but must be ranked behind because of losing number. Meanwhile PSG was one point behind at No. 3. If this match is lost then Napoli will win if they win. Meanwhile, the situation of PSG is much more critical. If PSG match Liverpool then Napoli just won the Red Star at home is 9 points, won the ticket. At the end of the day, PSG have won the Red Star so many goals will also be eliminated when Napoli willing to let go on the pitch at Liverpool. Thus, the only way to live in the league this season is PSG to win the fight tonight to kick the Kop into a difficult battle against Napoli. That is also why the European Trophy will take advantage of the opportunity to oust PSG out of the tournament with at least a draw at Parc Des Princes tonight.

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