10 steps for a healthier nutrition

Taking into account the conditions, people do not have the time to feed healthy. People try to spend the day with ready-made food from the market after they get back from work. But in these products there are plenty of salt, fats, cholesterol and other substances that are very harmful to health if consumed frequently. According to a news release at the HowStuffWorks website you can eat well if you make some minor changes in food. Here are some small steps you can follow for a healthy diet of your family:
1. Change the average of fast foods. Instead of calorie foods consume slowly and scale more fruits and healthy products. For example, instead of a potato chips, you can eat three types of fruit (apples, peppers, raisins).

2. When you go to the market do not stop at the part where the packaged products are sold like potato chips, seeds or the like, but switch from reeds where low fat, sugar and cholesterol products are sold such as fresh fruits, vegetables, fish etc. .

3. Read the label of the food you buy. But that does not mean that a product that is low in fat or is dietary is the healthiest. If there is little fat there may be plenty of salt and if there is little sugar can be very fat.

Choose portions in acceptable measures. Calculate the portion for a person as many as a handful. Someone counts even more but is too much.

5. Try to teach yourself and the senses of tasting with the choice of healthy foods. The sweetness of the apple or the stirrer can not be compared to the taste of a ready-made cake. You have to get used to the tastes of healthy and natural foods again. Instead of the stuff you start to consume more fruits and vegetables. If you often eat your tongue will be taught with this flavor.

Learn some basic alternatives to fatty foods. Instead of mayonnaise, select the hard cheese (mustard) because it has less calories and fat. Instead of white rice choose brown rice, take wheat bread or oats. Change the red meat with chicken. Try cooking the food in the oven (bake it) and stay away from the fries. Instead of sparkling juices or refreshing drinks, drink water. Some fruit juices contain carbohydrates and calories. For your pasta and salad, choose sauces with few calories. Instead of greasy milk, consume non-fat milk and semi-fatty cheese. And replace potatoes or greaves with steam cooked greens.

7. Try to prepare a colorful dish. You can choose the products that your body needs and combine the colors. Try once the combination of fruits and vegetables. Eat foods that fight the flu, cancer, and other diseases.

8. Do not neglect any meal. Do not start the day without breakfast. When spending a meal you get more appetite. And you will deposit more fats. You can eat quick things but make sure you are healthy.

9. Do not eat anything 2 or 3 hours before sleeping. Allow the body to burn the last remnants of consumed meals within the day.

10. Look at the changes made in lifestyle without the need for a diet. Each of us has a certain program. Find it the most suitable for you. For this choose healthy foods.

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