Different facts about milk

Milk is one of the most important nutrition ingredients. It is inseparable for babies born for a while, at the same time useful for adults as well, as it is about a more energetic, good fluid and containing important mineral salts such as calcium.

But are you sure you really know everything about milk? Below you will read some curiosities that you may not know about milk.

- After you have eaten spicy food, it is advisable to drink milk, because it contains a protein that invokes taste cells in tongue.

- It takes 5 liters of milk to make half a kilogram of cheese, 10 liters of milk to make one kilogram of butter and 6 liters of milk to make one kilogram of ice cream.

- Chicken breast contains a protein called insulin, which helps with diabetes.

A puppy dog ​​could not survive the milk of a cow

This kind of milk is poor by the nutrient content if we compare it to that of dog and cat, which contains twice the protein and fats. So what is the solution? Smear two ounces of grain per liter of milk if you have to feed such animals.

Birds also produce milk

Animals classified as mammals are thus divided by the fact that their little ones feed on milk produced by breeds, which other animals do not. But some birds, such as pigeons, to feed their little ones and have created a somewhat special way, a so-called "sour milk secretion" (though not milk), very nourishing, which, as understood, secreted by their throat for the smallest nesters who can not feed on anything else.

Milk contains about 4% fat

If you do not drink cow's milk because you think it is very fat, you probably do not know how much fat it really is. Just read the data labels to find out that the milk contains 3.8% fat, while drinking a liter of milk is equivalent to four grams of oil. So, a teaspoon.

There is a high quality milk

The milk taste varies depending on the season, food that ate the cow and on the basis of fat. In particular, with regard to the latter, there is high-quality milk with more fat and protein that is more delicious than normal milk. It is used in bars that make very good cappuccino. It costs more than others, but as you try, you will immediately understand the difference.

The cow does not make milk throughout the year

There are many who think that the cow makes milk throughout the year, without interruption, but that is not the case. It is enough to think about what it serves first: to feed the calf. For this, before producing milk, a cow must first be impregnated for nine months. She can give milk for nine months and start cycling again.

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